FRANK Gallery, a Chapel Hill art gallery in North Carolina presents a Member's Exhibition & Visible Spectrum

Mary Berridge,  Elise, Jordan Lake School of the Arts

Mary Berridge, Elise, Jordan Lake School of the Arts

FRANK Gallery, a Chapel Hill art gallery in North Carolina present it's 6th Annual Members’ Spotlight Exhibition & Visible Spectrum: Portraits from the World of Autism April 5 - May 8 ,Opening Apr 8, 6-9pm.  artGuide Magazine is excited to present this North Carolina art exhibit to our readers.


This April, the artist members of FRANK gallery will present the 6th Annual Members’ Spotlight Exhibition. This show, on view for one month only, will feature all twenty two members and offer a visual treat, and exclusive art buying opportunity. From the casual art enthusiast to the serious collector, this exhibition offers something for everyone.  Each individual artist will be featured individually to showcase their current body of work in their medium of choice.  From tiny jewels to monumental paintings, from film photography to advanced digital work, they are fine artists working in a diverse array of media and styles.

Ceramics: Sasha Bakaric, Susan Filley, Linda Prager
Painting: Gordon Jameson, Mary Lamb, Carroll Lassiter, Nerys Levy, Carolyn Rugen
Mixed Media: Mark Elliott, Shelly Hehenberger, Jean LeCluyse, Sandy Milroy, Sudie Rakusin, Luna Lee Ray
Jewelry: Mirinda Kossoff
Photography: Alan Dehmer, Peter Filene, Bill McAllister, John Rosenthal, Barbara Tyroler
Woodwork: Keith Allen, Jim Oleson

The twenty two artist members of FRANK gallery represent the arts in Chapel Hill in many ways.  They are advocates and documentarians, they teach and inspire, and they bring experiences and pieces of the world back to Chapel Hill community through the arts.  Individually they are making a difference in their community, as a whole they enrich us all through FRANK Gallery. Through work with organizations like Brushes with Life, Volunteers for Youth, and Kidzu Children’s Museum, they work hard to make art universally accessible as well as represent the Franklin Street Arts Collective and its mission to promote a vibrant downtown Chapel Hill through the arts.

The Michael & Laura Brader-Araje Community Outreach Gallery at FRANK is pleased to present this year’s Diversabilities exhibition of photographs by Mary Berridge from her project, Visible Spectrum: Portraits from the World of Autism, in recognition of Autism Awareness Month. Berridge’s layered psychological portraits quietly resist the stereotypes and stigmas often associated with autism.  Berridge is an award-winning photographer who lives in Chapel Hill and serves on the board of the Autism Society of North Carolina’s Orange Chatham chapter.

FRANK Gallery
109 E Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC
(919) 636-4135
Hours: Tues-Sat 11-6pm; Sun 1-5pm