Ginny Lassiter of Sunset River Marketplace

Ginny Lassiter, artist, gallerist

Ginny Lassiter, artist, gallerist

Ginny Lassiter is an artist and gallery owner based out of a wonderful coastal destination, Calabash, North Carolina.  A life-long artist Ginny sat down with artGuide Magazine to discuss her art, her inspirations, and her beautiful gallery, Sunset River Marketplace.  Enjoy!


Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your background.
I have always loved art and love to be creating - whether in clay, designing fabrics, painting, or just sketching. I graduated from East Carolina University with a major in art and focus in interior design.  Every job I have ever had has been art related.

When did you realize you were an artist?
Even as a child I loved drawing and doing art projects and always knew I wanted to be an artist in some way.

You own a wonderful gallery in Calabash, NC; what brought you to starting Sunset River Marketplace?
It always had been a dream to have a space that would bring together a community of artists and a place to display fine art.  When the building came available that seemed to be the perfect place and we were eager to make it happen.

Define the art you choose to represent as a gallery.    
My initial focus is to showcase artists from North and South Carolina. As we are in a tourist area it is important to offer some smaller affordable pieces as well as larger fine art pieces for collectors and homeowners. I have pretty eclectic tastes so I include pottery, art glass, wood carvings and turnings, jewelry, even some folk art, and home decor as well as paintings in every medium. I jury every piece for quality and appeal.     

What does the future hold for Ginny the artist and Ginny the gallery owner? 
I am loving painting and have found abstract expressionism to be my passion. I am studying as much as possible (and luckily I have a gallery with a lot of great workshops to attend).  As for Ginny the gallery owner, because I have an incredible and talented staff I have more time and opportunity to spend on curating the gallery.  And-- it’s more fun than ever!!


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