Holly Glasscocky reveals her beautiful Coastal Art

Holly Glasscock,  Kiawah Colors , 2016, oil, 16” x 20”

Holly Glasscock, Kiawah Colors, 2016, oil, 16” x 20”

Holly Glasscock, a very talented South Carolina artist present her process and artwork as it relates to Coastal Art in artGuide Magazine's yearly Coastal Art Feature.


Holly Glasscock is a full time artist whose predominant medium is oil.  She has an affinity for nature and paints a diverse range of subject matter including landscapes, animals and portraits.  

Living in South Carolina, Holly commonly paints the coastal and low country scenes.  She is particularly drawn to the vibrant hues often seen in the early hours at dawn or just before the sun goes down in the evening because of the strong contrasts of dark and light.  Her style is representative with a unique blend of luminous realism and impressionistic imagery.  When she notices something uniquely lit or unusually composed that most might take for granted, she is driven to express her gratitude to the Creator through painting. 

Holly studied advertising and graphic design at Winthrop University, but is largely self-taught in the fine arts.  She recognizes  the importance of continuing her artistic education and diligently works at her craft of painting by participating regularly in workshops offered by notable artists.  Holly is represented by Carlton Gallery, Blythe Gallery, and Stewart’s Village Gallery in North Carolina and is currently seeking representation in South Carolina.  

Holly Glasscock, artist. 
South Carolina
www.hollyglasscock.com.  803.328.8356


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