Raleigh artist Jim Hallenbeck of Tipping Paint Gallery discusses his Coastal Art

Jim Hallenbeck,  Brothers on Wrightsville Beach , 2015, oil on canvas, 16” x 20”

Jim Hallenbeck, Brothers on Wrightsville Beach, 2015, oil on canvas, 16” x 20”

Raleigh artist Jim Hallenbeck, recent addition to Tipping Paint Gallery, gives us insight into his Coastal Art.  artGuide Magazine featured Hallenbeck as part of artGuide's yearly Coastal Art Feature.


After a successful 35 year career with IBM, Jim has dedicated himself to pursuing his lifelong dream of being an artist.  Since retiring as a VP in February 2015, he has completed over 70 oil paintings, been juried into 13 exhibitions, and won four awards.  Jim is the newest creative member of Tipping Paint Gallery.

His approach is to represent each subject realistically, while at the same time to accentuate its bright colors.  He is fascinated by the vast array of colors along the beach either evident in nature or brought by people to the shore.  His beach paintings look to capture both the stillness and strength of the ocean along with the many reflective colors bouncing in the seascape. His approach is one of deep introspection complete with a wide range of emotions.  In turn, he hopes to communicate something to the viewer, to trigger an emotion, or to spark a memory that resonates on a very unique personal level.

Jim Hallenbeck, artist.  
Raleigh, NC