Artist Intros Linda Hollett-Bazouzi

Virginia artist Linda Hollett-Bazouzi tells artGuide Magazine about her adventures with painting in our Artist Intro section.


Travel. Paint. Adventure. Stories to tell. When Linda Hollett-Bazouzi reflects on her painting, she gravitates towards the story.  Each painting has its own story, and often that story is told within the context of a larger story of travel and adventure. 

Whether it is postponing a trip to England because of a volcano, getting to Tunisia in the middle of the night because of a late plane, or having a near miss with a Venice canal, events like this inform her work.  She has fought wind, rain, and sand to paint on the beaches of Holland, and gotten stopped by security because of her paints.  While resting on the streets of Cairo, she has been offered alms.

The story is all. Read more about her adventures at:  Linda’s work can be found at multiple art galleries including Gallery Flux, Crossroads Art Center, Cabell Gallery, and Stewart Gallery on Main.





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