ArtSouce Fine Art artist Suzanne Morris discusses her Coastal Art

Suzanne Morris,  Blue Thursday , oil on canvas, 11” x 14”

Suzanne Morris, Blue Thursday, oil on canvas, 11” x 14”

artGuide Magazine presents our discussion with artist Suzanne Morris as she gives us insight into her Coastal Art. Her wonderful art can be viewed at Raleigh art gallery, ArtSource Fine Art.


Virginia native Suzanne Morris was always drawn to the outdoors and nature.  She creates a portrait of a place and moment in time by finely tuning a balance of technique and style.  By using “alla prima”, Suzanne paints “at one sitting”.  “This technique has opened up a whole new expression of my work, by allowing me to produce fresher, brighter, more vivid colors.”

Suzanne has been able to masterfully incorporate her methods into her plein air work.  “I try to paint plein-air as often as possible.  Painting plein-air not only allows me to combine two pleasures, it also allows me to measure my subject directly for color and value.”

On light - “It is the effect light has on my subject that draws me to it - the cool morning light on the water or sand, the colors deep in the long shadows of late afternoon, or the way reddish light at sunset warms everything it touches.  Any one of these effects can transform an ordinary scene into an extraordinary one.”

Suzanne is predominately self-taught, although she has studied with some of the best plein-air painters in the country.  Her influences are Van Gogh, John Singer Sergeant, Emile Gruppe, and the California Impressionists.

Suzanne Morris, artist.  
Raleigh, NC
ArtSource Fine Art Gallery & Framing  
4421-123 Six Forks Road, Raleigh, NC 


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