Ellen Hathaway Someplace

Ellen Hathaway,  Ablaze , 2016, acrylic on clayboard, 12" x 12"

Ellen Hathaway, Ablaze, 2016, acrylic on clayboard, 12" x 12"

Ellen Hathaway experiences “Someplace”

“I feel the picture plane is an open space where the guest can find her own soul and at different times both artist and viewer are guests,” Ellen Hathaway describes her acrylic painting process.  

Her latest series entitled “Somewhere”, are abstracts, obviously landscape indicated by the use of a strong horizon and palette, however the imagery expressively dissolves becoming more about the paint. While the imagery invites the viewers “someplace” the specifics are left to the beholder’s imagination; an invitation for unique experience.  From the artist’s perspective, the imagery is resonant of the flat, coastal, eastern NC landscape where Hathaway grew up.  “Pictures that just ‘feel like home’ live in my head”, she says of this current work on exhibit at Greensboro’s Greenhill Center for NC Arts’ Infocus Gallery, an art space designed to connect new and seasoned art collectors with exceptionally collectible works of established and emerging artists, with a focus on contemporary art.  Laura Way, Greenhill’s Director speaks “ We are showing works that are reminiscent of water, marshes, ocean sounds, and beach - a perfect time for Ellen’s work to be in GreenHill because we are pairing her with NC treasure, Robert Irwin, and innovative woodworker, Robin Horn. 

Ellen’s work, gestural and fluid in its composition perfectly pairs with the precise, economical forms depicted in Bob Irwin’s work.  Blending the two are Robin Horn’s wood sculptures building on the exaggerated planes in Bob’s work and the lush tones singing from Ellen’s beautiful paintings… a perfect ensemble.”  Coastal Works Infocus @ Greenhill Center for the Arts, June 1-September 2. Hathaway’s work is also represented by City Art Gallery, Greenville, NC, Les Yeux du Monde, Charlottesville, VA, The Little Gallery at Smith Mountain Lake, Moneta, Va and Art3 Gallery, Manchester, NH. For more information www.ellenhathaway.com

Ellen Hathaway,  Warm Within , 2016, acrylic on canvas, 24" x 48"

Ellen Hathaway, Warm Within, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 24" x 48"