Wilmington art gallery New Elements present Reflections

Lisa Creed,  Clearing Up , acrylic, 24” x 30”

Lisa Creed, Clearing Up, acrylic, 24” x 30”

Wilmington art gallery, New Elements Gallery presents a fantastic art exhibit, Reflections, featuring Durham artist Lisa Creed and Wilmington artist Angie Sinclair.  This peacefully constructed North Carolina art exhibit is a must-see. 

“Reflections” features new paintings by Durham artist Lisa Creed and Wilmington local Angie Sinclair.  Both artists have a distinct flair for depicting water. Creed’s “Sea  and Sky” series captures the coastal landscape where Sinclair prefers the human form splashing around. 

For “Reflections” New Elements showcases Creed’s abstract work. These more playful pieces share a similar palette to “Sea and Sky” in which white fluffy clouds become stark color fields. Ultramarine oceans are transformed as amorphous focal points with contrasting pops of bright orange and gold.

Angie Sinclair depicts all the exuberance under the waves. Inspired by years of watching her two children competitively swim, Angie excels as capturing the distortions created as human bodies move through water.  Sinclair is a new galleryartist and this is her first feature show.  “Reflection” is like the inaugural dip in cool water to escape the heat - a jolt quintessential to the halcyon days of Summer.