311 Gallery Raleigh

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311 Gallery Gallery
311 W Martin St, Raleigh, NC 27601

311 Gallery is the hub of Raleigh’s Warehouse District Art Row. 311 Gallery brought art to the Warehouse District in 2007 and is now flanked by the Contemporary Art Museum and Visual Art Exchange. 311 Gallery’s monthly exhibits alternate between invited regional/national artists and national juried shows.

Twelve studios exhibit over 35 resident artists; the Gift Shop offers smaller works by over 60 artists. 311 Gallery is a vibrant part of downtown Raleigh’s First Friday Art Walk.

One block from Raleigh’s Union Station and a half block from The Dillon, 311 Gallery is located within easy walking distance of downtown hotels, the Convention Center, and the free R-Line bus service.

Gallery News


bailey Tree of Life by Lizzie Bailey.jpg

Lizzie Bailey

Image: Tree of Life

Lizzie Bailey is a versatile stained-glass artist and photographer. She finds inspiration as she views traditional and architectural designs through the eye of her lens and world travels. Her latest signature pieces reflect her visits to countries throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

balentine Beach by Kim Balentine.jpg

Kim Balentine

Image: Beach

Kim has been painting for most of her life. She enjoys painting abstracts, local buildings, and whimsical animals using acrylic and watercolor.

clapp Red Sky at Night by Allen Clapp.JPG

Allen Clapp

Image: Red Sky at Night

Originally trained in landscape painting in the 1950s, Allen fell in love with abstract painting in the early 1960s. He creates complementary contradictions between delicate and riotous colors and smooth and sharp textures to produce harmonious movement in a symphony of color. Movement is the key to life!

cromwell Farmstead by Linda Cromwell.jpg

Linda Cromwell

Image: Farmstead

Linda Cromwell is an oil painter but occasionally works in other media. Whether painting animals, florals, landscapes, people or still life, her love of color is what links her work together.

eddins Comet by Linda Eddins.jpg

Linda Eddins

Image: Comet

After retirement, Linda returned to her art. She has been jokingly referred to as the “Sybil” of the art community because of her wide variety of styles and use of multiple mediums. While most of her work is realistic, she also has abstracts and textural works to her credit.

gardner Morning Marsh by Rhonda Gardner.jpg

Rhonda Gardner

Image: Morning Marsh

Rhonda Gardner is an oil painter who moves between representational, impressionistic and abstract subjects. "Painting, for me, is an ongoing experiment with materials, techniques and styles; I have many different looks. That is what makes each day in the studio exciting and challenging. Some days are successful, some are just educational!"

griffin African Elephant by Margaret Griffin.JPG

Margaret Griffin

Image: African Elephant

Margaret became so excited using raku firing techniques for her clay sculptures that she retired from computer programming to become a full-time sculptor. Her subjects change but she always brings heart to her work. She isn’t ashamed of realism or shy about political content. Her mantra is Bring It On!

hallenbeck Linville Falls Duggars Creek by Jim Hallenbeck.JPG

Jim Hallenbeck

Image: Linville Falls Duggers Creek

Jim’s approach in painting is to represent each subject realistically using an impressionistic style to accentuate its bright color and detail. In turn, Jim hopes to communicate something to the viewer, to trigger an emotion, or to spark a memory that resonates on a unique personal level.

harris Lowland Reflections by Lynda Harris.jpg

Lynda Harris

Image: Lowland Reflections

Lynda, retired Landscape Architect, spent years rendering landscapes with pen and marker. Her passion for design and gardening has led to a focus on landscapes, many times including architectural elements. Learning how to capture light and mood, not being a slave to photographs, is an ongoing creative challenge she enjoys.

haslett Sunset at Pawleys Island by Bekah Haslett.jpg

Bekah Haslett

Image: Sunset at Pawley's Island

Bekah loves to celebrate all things outdoors. She paints landscapes and figures en plein air and paints larger abstracted landscapes in the studio.

hunt Rise Up by Jill Hunt.JPG

Jill Hunt

Image: Rise Up

Jill Hunt creates in oil, watercolor, silk painting, and more. She changes media and techniques to stay creatively fresh and makes choices based on what she feels will best communicate what she wants to share. Her work is linked in its emotive and symbolic imagery, captured in luminous color.

jones Squash by Susan K Jones.jpg

Susan K. Jones

Image: Squash

Susan loves to use photography to tell stories inspired by the things she sees and experiences every day. She uses colored pencils to colorize her black and white images, drawing attention to the parts that are important to her narrative.

manchester All Gingered Up by Rob Manchester.jpg

Rob Manchester

Image: All Gingered Up

As a practicing veterinarian, Rob has always been drawn to and fascinated by animals. Painting has allowed him to merge his passions for animals and art. He paints with acrylics on everything from canvas to found materials. His inspirations are diverse—the only requirement: it must be fun in some way.

Cheryl Michaela McCardle

Image: Undertow

Cheryl has been painting and sculpting since 1990. Her art is expressionistic and inspired by nature. She works intuitively and uses many layers of paint to achieve rich textures.

miller Seeing in the Dark by Susan Miller.jpg

Susan Miller

Image: Seeing in the Dark

Susan is a mixed media artist, expressive arts therapist, creativity coach, and artist muse who is passionate about combining art and healing. She uses an intuitive painting layering process which uses the power of color, nature and symbolic images to create paintings full of whimsy, magic, and joy.

owen Mugs by Mary Beth Owen.png

Mary Beth Owen

Image: Mugs

Mary Beth has been working in clay for 37 years producing functional and decorative pottery in her home studio. Much of her work is carved and she chooses glazes that accentuate her intricate carving.

peters Crowded Curiosity by Susan Peters.jpg

Susan Peters

Image: Crowded Curiousity

Susan enjoys experimenting with her art. She feels that the failures are just as important as the successes; that both are liberating and mirror the human experience.

ravese Mystical Sunrise  by Mary Louise Ravese.jpg

Mary Louise Ravese

Image: Mystical Sunrise

Mary Louise is a fine art photographer whose work ranges from bold and striking to mellow and contemplative. Favorite subjects are landscapes, close-ups, architectural details and abstracts. Inspired by various visual arts, she creates "painterly" images. She works in color and black and white, making archival prints in limited editions.

V L Rees

Image: Morning, Sunshine

Vicki specializes in contemporary realism executed in colorful oils, often with unusual angles and dramatic lighting. Others may see an ordinary tomato, but she sees a star ready for its close-up. Her work has been exhibited throughout the state and is in collections in the South and Midwest.

robbins Sweeping by Debbie Robbins.jpg

Debbie Robbins

Image: Sweeping

Debbie’s background in interior design gives her art a strong sense of design and color. She feels most comfortable with acrylics, her primary medium. The quick drying time of acrylics allows Debbie to experiment with layers and textures, using various gel mediums in her work.

shaftner Backyard Bandits by Dottie Shaftner.jpg

Dottie Shaftner

Image: Backyard Bandits

Dottie has worked as a graphic designer, freelance artist, set designer, and art instructor. Her passion is using colored pencil, watercolor, and pastel to portray the beautiful creatures in her back yard as the imps they truly are.

staton XXX by Ophelia Staton.jpg

Ophelia Staton

Image: No Title

Ophelia is an abstract painter. She feels that her paintings are simple conversations between her medium and the canvas.

stines Historic Wake Forest by Judy Stines.jpg

Judy Stines

Image: Historic Wake Forest

Judy works in soft pastel, oil pastel and acrylic. She loves combining texture and motion with the layering of color to become one with her art. Her palette is drawn from the colors of her adventures which are the inspirations for her art.

Here Comes the Sun.jpg

Grace Li Wang

Image: Here Comes the Sun

Grace Li Wang is an artist renowned for her ability to capture the radiance of nature in exuberant expressionist and impressionist works. She wants her art to energize and enrich the spirit in each of us. Her vibrant colors and graphic forms infuse a sense of radiant vitality in an imaginative and captivating world.

white Foxy Lady by Lori White.JPG

Lori White

Image: Foxy Lady

Lori is a contemporary realist painter and environmentalist. She hopes her work will encourage viewers to be good stewards, protecting the beauty of our world. Lori is an Associate Member OPA and a Signature Member PSA.