Kinectic Art at 311 Gallery

311 Gallery, a Raleigh art gallery which is known for innovative North Carolina art exhibits, presents moving art in Kinetic Art.  artGuide Magazine enjoyed this Raleigh art exhibit last year and we are excited to be writing about it again!


E = mc² and art blend together to create Kinetic Art.  Wikipedia defines kinetic art as “art from any medium that contains movement perceivable by the viewer or depends on motion for its effect.”  

Physics explains that an object in motion maintains kinetic energy until its speed changes.  If it is powered by the wind or an observer, its speed is constantly changing, creating mesmerizing patterns of light and shadow, color, and shapes.  Taking the time to observe this type of sculpture in motion is hypnotic, inducing a state of meditation.  What a wonderful way to combat the stresses of everyday living!

I recently had the opportunity to spend an evening with some of Kevin Duval’s sculptures. I found myself entranced by the changing designs and enjoyed watching how passersbys couldn’t help but stop and touch and play with the art.  The experience had a way of slowing life down, even if just for the moment.

The Shaping Time exhibit is a series of  interactive, multi-axial, kinetic sculptures that have been composed using a combination of new metals and salvaged components.   

The varying shapes, colors, and object placement make each piece unique in its static state, while select pivot placement, careful balancing, and human interaction allow them to dance an original number each time they are touched.

Kevin Duval is an emerging, self taught metal artist.  A lifelong love of tools, mechanics, and a background in machining has evolved into his current work which is mostly kinetic in nature, and somewhat abstract in design.   

Working with many different metals and components affords Kevin the opportunity to use a myriad of tools and techniques in the composition of original, one of a kind sculptures.   

Kevin lives in Wilmington, NC with his wife, and two young daughters.



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