Top 5 Hidden Art Markets

Every week artGuidemag discloses Top 5 art lists. This week we jump into on the Top 5 hidden art markets across the US. Small in size, yet large in quality of art, these cities are a must art-to-do!

5. Erie, Pennsylvania


Located on the southern shore of Lake Erie, from which it derives its name, Erie was first home to indigenous populations that had settled in the area for thousands of years. Much later in the 19th century Erie was the site of a vibrant shipbuilding and fishing industry. While Erie’s reputation as an industrial center may have faded, it’s arts and culture scene is thriving. The Erie Art Museum, located in the Old Custom House has an extensive collection of  folk art that include American ceramic, Tibetan paintings, and woven baskets.

4. Franklin, Tennessee


The site of the Battle of Franklin during the American Civil War, Franklin is not only a great place for history buffs but a great distination for art lovers as well. Every April the Main Street Festival showcases local artists, artisans, and musicians so that Franklin residents and visitors can enjoy a taste of the city’s arts and culture.

3. Cody, Wyoming


Named after William “Buffalo Bill” Cody, this western town near Yellowstone National Park has beautiful artwork as well as beautiful scenery. The Whitney Western Art Museum exhibits works by famous western artists such as Alfred Jacob Miller and Albert Bierstadt. Art galleries around town such as Open Range Images and the Big Horn Galleries continue this tradition of using art to celebrate life on the open range.

2. Iowa City, Iowa


Home to the University of Iowa, Iowa city is much more than a sleepy college town. The Iowa Old Capitol building, built in 1842 is the city’s most prominent landmark and is home to a museum the focuses on the history, arts, and culture of Iowa City. Every summer the city puts on a Summer of the Arts Program that includes events such as a jazz festival, a festival of the arts, open-air summer movies and free concerts.

1. Cambria, California


Famous for its picturesque beaches and national parks, Cambria also boasts many arts and culture attractions. Cambria is located just six miles south of the famous Hearst Castle, the palatial former home of William Randolph Hearst. Other architectural destinations include Nitt Witt Ridge, a home built by eccentric artist Arthur Harold Beal from recycled materials. In addition to Cambria’s many unique examples of architecture, art lovers in Cambria can visit art galleries such as Amphora Gallery and The Painted Lily to find beautiful examples of local art.