Top 5 American Patriotic Art Works

This week we’re thrilled to showcase the Top 5 pieces of American Patriotic Art. As the art guide for the US we’re excited to present this patriotic Top 5 Art List!


5. Flag, Jasper Johns

The American flag depicted in Jasper Johns painting Flag, has 48 stars on it as Alaska and Hawaii weren’t admitted to the union as the 49th and 50th states until 1959 and 1960, after the painting was completed in 1954.

4. George Washington (The Athenaeum Portrait), Gilbert Stuart

This unfinished painting by American painter Gilbert Stuart is the inspiration for the portrait of George Washington that is found on the one dollar bill. 



3. US Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial), Felix de Weldon

Synonymous with World War II and the U.S Marine Corp, this bronze memorial inspired by the photograph taken on February 23, 1945 by Joe Rosenthal, encapsulates American perseverance in the face of adversity.

2. Mount Rushmore, designed by Gutzon Borglum

What is more American than carving the faces of your democratically elected leaders into the literal side of a mountain.



1. Washington Crossing the Delaware, Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze

This impressive painting by German-American artist, Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze commemorates our first president’s famous crossing of the Delaware River in 1776. However, painted 75 years after the actual event, the painting contains a few historical inaccuracies such as design of the flag which didn’t exist until 1777 and the type of ice on the Delaware River which forms in sheets rather than large chunks of ice.

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