Feature your art in the only National Artist Directory!

Special Collectors art magazine printed only twice a year.

The National Artist Directory is located prominently in Artist Bi-Annual Magazine.

Artist Bi-Annual is the only national art magazine focused exclusively artists!

I got an inquiry from.. New York City.. I asked where they saw my work and they said, ‘Art Guide Magazine [Artist Magazine]’ and then they went to my website.. It pays to advertise.
— Peggy Vineyard, artGuidemag Artist Directory


2019 Volume 1 Subscription Pre-Sale already exceeds 12,000+ patrons across the country.

Join the National Artist Directory section:
$75 one-time price is for 6 months.

Feature your art for 6 months in print & online.


What is the PRINT AND ONLINE National Artist Directory in Artist Bi-Annual?

ONLY PRINT AND ONLINE National Artist Directory located prominently in Artist Bi-Annual magazine.

Created by established art company artGuidemag, Artist Bi-Annual is the only national art magazine focused exclusively on artists.

  1. Artist Bi-Annual has the only National Artist Directory with artwork images, locations, and websites of artists - only $75.

  2. Artist Bi-Annual contains Feature Editorials highlighting artists and general interest articles about artists.

  3. Artist Bi-Annual bridges the gap between artists and art buyers. Artist now have a platform to connect with buyers directly!

WE ARE the connection between artists and art buyers.

“We believe that every artist is as unique as the art they create. This is what Artist Bi-Annual represents”
- Elizabeth Gilanyi - co-founder, artGuidemag

How does the Artist B-Annual feature artists?

  1. PRINT -

    • National Artist Directory containing images of artwork, locations, and websites of artists (only $75).

    • Editorial content focusing on artists and artist-related general interest articles.

    • Large advertisements that connect artists’ artwork with buyers.

    • Subscribers throughout the country including gallery owners, collectors, interior designers, and more.

  2. ONLINE -

    • Online National Artist Directory that is top ranked on Google with 15,000+ monthly visitors.

    • Artist Bi-Annual posts on the artGuidemag Art News feed, shared by museums and galleries nationwide.

    • Social media posting to our very large follower base.

With Artist Spotlight your ART is always ONE-CLICK away from getting discovered!

How does the Artist Bi-Annual promote artists?

  1. High-value subscribers such as:

    • Thousands of gallery owners/directors in the US.

    • Business subscribers that include interior designers, realtor offices, high-end doctors’ offices, spas, and more.

    • Individual subscribers ranging from art lovers to sophisticated art collectors.

  2. Placement on top Google art website.

    • Full Profile on Artist Directory - a top Google ranked art website.

    • Sophisticated search field where art buyers and art collectors can discover your art.

    • Full Artist Profile where collectors and buyers can access your art, bio, and website.

What do artists receive for $75?

Print Listing:

  • One Image of artwork in categorized section.

  • Artist Full Name.

  • Location: city and state.

  • Website listed for collectors to browse your art.

Online Profile:

  • 3 images of artwork.

  • Name & Contact Information.

  • Biography up to 300 words.

  • Link to website.

  • Searchable index based on genre, name, location and more.

  • Artist Directory on the homepage of

  • Social media postings with links to Artist Directory.

  • Links to online art gallery in's monthly e-newsletter.



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