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Founded in 2010, in 8 short years, artGuidemag has established its place as a premier arts publication ranking alongside world renowned online arts magazines and attracts readers nationwide. artGuidemag has successful built its online presence to become one of Google’s top ranked art websites, ranking in the top 3 for searches related to “gallery guide magazine”, “art guide”, and hundreds of other regional and local frequently used search terms linked to the arts.

artGuidemag has carved a niche in the art world by providing unique art related content, reference material and resources for artists, galleries, collectors, and art enthusiasts that no other online art platform provides.

Tens of thousands of art patrons frequent artGuidemag each month to consult the only comprehensive Gallery Guide in the nation, delve into the only print and online national Artist Directory to discover and learn about a vast collection of artists working in a variety of media and genres across the country, and to stay up-to-date on current art trends and happenings in our ever-changing Art News segment.

National Artist Directory

Artist Directory is the only print and online NATIONAL directory of artists. Included in the high-end Artists Spotlight magazine.

  1. A beautifully printed Collector’s Edition Artist Directory that is mailed to 5,000 gallery owners/directors in 480 cities.

  2. Artists receive a Feature Profile in the online edition of the Artist Directory, on artGuidemag’s top-Google-ranked website.

  3. Our subscribers are interior designers, realtors, collectors, and art lovers.

Gallery Guide

The only comprehensive Gallery Guide with 6,000 galleries/museums in 500 cities. Every market has been researched to discern real/true art galleries which have been listed with Directory Lists and Maps.

Galleries across the country can:

  1. Top Gallery Profiles that include artwork and biographies of all their artists. Top Gallery Profiles are linked on the Homepage as well in the Gallery Guide page devoted to their respective city.

  2. Link their websites on artGuidemag’s Gallery Guide to direct local, regional, and national art collectors to their artworks..

Art News

  1. artGuidemag’s Art News segment features information about art exhibits, art events, and our trademarked artGuidemag’s Top 5 Art Lists.

  2. Each month, Art News attracts thousands of new readers while continuing to enjoy its loyal following of repeat readers.