North Carolina artist Ginny Lassiter discusses her Cityscape Works

Featured cityscape artist, Ginny Lassiter, shares her works with artGuide

Ginny Lassiter, City Carnival AKA Whirligig Park, acrylic, 20'x16'

artGuide art news blog featured a few select artists for this month's editorial on landscapes and cityscapes. From Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, Ginny Lassiter has been chosen to be featured for her impeccable work with acrylics paints to transform any blank canvas into a beautiful abstract cityscape. 

Ginny Lassiter, Glimmer, Acrylic, 24'x24'

The Ocean Isle Beach, NC resident has always been a creative soul. She’s a potter, she paints, she sketches, she designs fabrics. She graduated from East Carolina University in North Carolina with a major in Art and an emphasis in Interior Design.

Ginny works most often in acrylic, creating cityscapes and abstracts. “I’ve taken a few workshops with Sterling Edwards and Joe DiGiulio,” she says, “and they’ve really opened my eyes to shapes and textures. I love the whole process of painting abstracts!”

She also works hard for the local community, hosting countless charity events at her Sunset River Marketplace art gallery. She has been a boardmember for Brunswick Arts Council and the Ocean Isle Museum Foundation.

Ginny has been profiled in Sasee magazine and was also featured on the North Carolina ATMC cable TV program. Her paintings have been on the covers of Carolina Arts and artGuide magazines.