artGuide features Karen Wiles' Animal Art

Photographer Karen Wiles was featured in artGuide's Animal Art segment a few months ago.  We revisited her work and bring you new images of artwork.  

Karen Wiles
United States & Abroad


Karen Wiles’ images are like a wind blown breath of fresh air.  An enchantment where one wants to visit and then remain.  With over 25 Photography Awards, she has become known as the “Photographer With An Artist’s Eye!”  The World Class Omni, Orient Express and Belmond Hotels have been added to her long list of collectors who now display her award winning photography worldwide.

Although Wiles’ prefers not to specialize in one subject only, her love of nature and passion for wildlife is profound in her “one on one” wildlife images.

She loves to be up close and personal with each and every wildlife subject which allows her the ability to capture an animal’s almost human like expressions.  She has been recognized for having an uncanny ability to attract animals in a way that most would say, seem to “pose” for her.

Wiles of course knows this isn’t true, “They are only curious of her and the camera lens “eyeball” that captures their attention.   Then it takes a lot of patience for waiting on just the right moment and then to be quick enough to capture it when it presents itself.