Alberni, Tina

Climbing Out of a State of Mind , 2016, Acrylic and Ink, 30” x 30”

Climbing Out of a State of Mind, 2016, Acrylic and Ink, 30” x 30”

(Detail) Left With Elephant Spirits , 2018, Acrylic and Ink, 36” x 48”

(Detail) Left With Elephant Spirits, 2018, Acrylic and Ink, 36” x 48”

(Detail) Maria You Made A Mess! , 2017, acrylic and Ink, 9” x 14”

(Detail) Maria You Made A Mess!, 2017, acrylic and Ink, 9” x 14”

Phone: 305-491-3164

Tina Alberni’s bilingual and bicultural upbringing weaves into the fabric of her art. She is of Cuban heritage, lived in Bogotá, Colombia, as a child, and returned to the United States in her late teens.
Alberni has been practicing as an artist, administrator and teacher in the visual arts field since the early 1990’s. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in art education, with a concentration in printmaking, and subsequently has received awards, exhibited and sold to collectors on several continents.  

The constant “push and pull” between intuition, imagery, stories, memories and current events combine mixed media processes and interlace her fascination with textures, colors and patterns found in plain sight or revealed at macro view.

Honoring process over results often transcends her work and brings about catharsis into the mix. Her hope is to contribute to a dialectic which moves her, as well as the viewer, from passive or detached contemplation to internal discourse and active engagement.

Alberni recently received her 3rd grant award by the Arts & Science Council of Charlotte for the CSA program(Community Supported Art). She is a fulltime artist and her studio is part of the Studios at 107 West in Mount Holly, NC. This piece is a compilation of epic moments of destruction and confusion caused by physical threats or moral meltdowns across the world. It seems, every second of everyday, somewhere, someone or someplace, is suffering horribly and when I hear about it, empathetic feelings pile-up so it’s time to climb out into the light and breathe.  The ladder is an archetype of hope, a way out to survive. The light blue represents breath, a moment of stillness and clarity. All the rest is chaos.

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