Solis Mattson, Sarah

Sarah Solis Mattson exhibits by the name S. S. Solis, is a California native and now lives in Sacramento county.  Earning her M. F. A. in Drawing and Painting at CSU, Long Beach, Sarah teaches studio art courses at American River College and works out of her studio in Fair Oaks. Sarah’s art-making takes many roles; for example, works created from LIVE observation and large, narrative-figurative paintings which are self-analyzed, ideological, sometimes political, and are created with a sense of assembly. Sarah says about the live observational works, “these works respond to the mood and temperament of the subjects I work from, usually live models in a figure workshop environment.  Composition and media technique embody my creative process. Working from live observation is vital to my entire vision as an artist. This keeps me practiced, like a musician who habitually plays note scales. Many of these ‘observed’ works are created with the materials I make myself, for example, pastels, inks, and paints". These works along with the traditional Encaustic technique: hot molten bees wax colored with powdered pigment(s) are the varied techniques used by Sarah Solis Mattson. To view more, purchase artwork or to hire Sarah for private commissions and art lessons, contact Sarah directly at (916) 719-8061 or by email at


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