Artist Sharon Kelly

Sharon Kelly,  The Beach was Still Deserted , acrylic mixed media, 48" x 48"

Sharon Kelly, The Beach was Still Deserted, acrylic mixed media, 48" x 48"

artGuide Magazine is pleased to present the work of Canada-based artist Sharon Kelly, creating amazing and striking abstract artworks.  We've asked her to explain her inspirations and methods in her own words.


"Recent scientific studies explain that the euphoria we sense at water's edge may be due in part to the power of negative ions, generated by the pounding surf, which helps increase levels of serotonin in the body and thereby elevate our mood. As children, we use sticks to draw in the sand, the sand becomes a metaphor for both memory and the passage of time, as our markings are erased, highlighting our impermanence. As an adult, I find myself constantly returning to the shore as a tremendous source of peace and inspiration. When I begin a shore-line landscape, I rarely have a preconceived notion of where the creative process will take me. First I part the canvas into intersecting planes using my selected collage elements. Then I apply a multitude of acrylic mediums, allow the paint to yield to various textures and surfaces. In the end, the pigment reacts accordingly. The process is a combination of trial & error, random & controlled, hidden & obvious. My goal is to give tangible expression to landscapes that exist for me both in memory and imagination."


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